We equip healthcare organizations to reach the families you serve–more personally than before–
with Video Libraries, Telehealth Technology, and our Portal to Grief Care.

“I lived 2 hours away from my Mom. These videos helped me prepare and tune into ways I could help.
Now, remembering those extra moments with Mom and my family brings me deep comfort.” An adult daughter

For ...

Organizations and professionals who provide hospice, palliative, home health, long term care, loss/grief counseling, or other serious illness care. Educate and support the families you serve in the 24/7, many mini-moments between visits. Contact us.

Portal to Grief Care

Provide secure, contained, 24/7 social media-chats that are facilitated by your qualified grief professional (during work hours). Ongoing person-centered learning, private journals and tools. Learn more.

24/7 Video Libraries

Support your patients’ families with Composing Life’s online video libraries: “Family Support Through Serious Illness,” “Hospice Training for Caregivers & Families,” and “Want to Understand Your Grief?”  Learn more. 

Interactive Teaching

Engage Dr. Joy Berger, owner and author for Composing Life’s content, for live, interactive teaching with your leaders, staff, volunteers, or community. Conference, workshop, or coaching. On-site or video meeting. Contact her to discuss your needs.

TeleHealth Tech

Equip your triage office and/or grief counselors with HIPAA Compliant technology. Have the option of meeting more personally than just by phone. Reduce distance, time and costs for family meetings, counseling, support groups, teams, and more. Learn more.


We’re ready to serve you and your organization. Contact us today!