Composing life moments that matter

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Through Serious Illness, Hospice & Grief Care

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Equipping end-of-life care organizations with empathic, 24/7 video libraries
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caregivers, families, and communities

What life moments are you composing?

What Speaks to Your Needs?

24/7 Video Libraries

Reach and teach your patients’ families 24/7 with Composing Life’s caregiver video libraries: Serious Illness; Hospice; and Grief Care. Branded to your organization. Support the caregivers you serve in the 24/7, many mini-moments at and between visits. How can these help your organization or group?

Consult & Coaching

Examine Composing Life’s consult and coaching to help you improve your patient/family’s experiences. What challenges do you face? Hospice Compare? Technology? “Training the caregiver?” Short term lengths of stay? Bereavement care? Something else? Let’s explore!


“I lived 2 hours away from my Mom. These caregiver videos helped me understand what was happening. I learned things I could do to help, while there was still time. Now, I remember those extra special moments with Mom with deep comfort.”  An adult daughter


“I’ve been a hospice nurse for 16 years. While using Composing Life’s resources, I found new ways to talk about tough issues with my patients and families. Now, my visits feel even more personal and meaningful. Also, I finally get why the CAHPS survey matters. Thanks, Composing Life!”  A long-time hospice professional


“Our leadership team has 3 key take-aways for improving our Hospice Compare scores, because of our consult meeting with Joy Berger. We’re eager to figure out next steps for our new focus. We look forward to more sessions with her!”  A hospice executive director