Composing Life equips your organization with 24/7 video libraries to help your families cope with serious illness, hospice, and grief.  We help you …

  • Reach and Teach: effectively, efficiently, memorably
  • Improve Quality: compliance, communication, and collaboration
  • Cut Costs: increase 24/7 distribution and access while cutting costs
  • Compose life moments that matter, when life matters most


Equipping end-of-life care organizations with empathic, 24/7 resources to improve quality, increase access, and cut costs.


To be a catalyst that fuels empathy, education, and excellence throughout end-of-life care.


Integrity, Service, and Excellence

  • Compo = To arrange parts into a new whole; compose, composition, compost
  • Comp = To companion, accompany; in jazz, to support the soloist’s improvisations with underlying harmonies and rhythms, sensitively tuning in and playing in sync
  • Com = To gather together; communication, community, comfort
  • Sing = To voice within; to claim one’s story; to proclaim to others
  • Life = It’s about Life

Composing life moments that matter, when life matters most …

through Serious Illness, Hospice, and Grief Care