Composing Life equips your organization with 24/7 video libraries to help your families cope with serious illness, hospice, and grief.  We help you …

  • Reach and Teach: effectively, efficiently, memorably
  • Improve Quality: compliance, communication, and collaboration
  • Cut Costs: increase 24/7 distribution and access while cutting costs
  • Compose life moments that matter, when life matters most


Equipping end-of-life care organizations with empathic, 24/7 resources to improve quality, increase access, and cut costs.


To be a catalyst that fuels empathy, education, and excellence throughout end-of-life care.


Integrity, Service, and Excellence

  • Compo = To arrange parts into a new whole; compose, composition, compost
  • Comp = To companion, accompany; in jazz, to support the soloist’s improvisations with underlying harmonies and rhythms, sensitively tuning in and playing in sync
  • Com = To gather together; communication, community, comfort
  • Sing = To voice within; to claim one’s story; to proclaim to others
  • Life = It’s about Life

Composing life moments that matter, when life matters most …

through Serious Illness, Hospice, and Grief Care

Joy Berger, DMA, FT, BCC, MT-BC – Founder/Owner of Composing Life Out of Loss

Dr. Joy Berger brings 30 years of hospice, palliative, and grief care strategic leadership and direct patient care. Whatever the role or context, Joy devotedly serves as a catalyst for innovative improvements; a connector among diverse disciplines, roles, ages, cultures, and needs; and a creative soul who loves to communicate our deeply personal living and dying purposes through both today’s technologies and timeless arts.

Many hospice, palliative, or bereavement leaders and Joy have teamed together through previous intersecting roles: Joy as Executive Director for the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC); founder, author, producer, and publisher of Composing Life Out Loss Caregiver Video Libraries; Special Projects for National Hospice Analytics; Director of Education for the Hospice Education Network (Weatherbee Resources, acquired by Relias); Chair of NHPCO’s Research / Academics / Education Professional Section; and Director of Hospice Institute (Louisville, KY). Together, we build on those foundations for today’s needs through Composing Life’s caregiver/family education and grief support.

For her direct patient care, Joy was honored with the National Heart of Hospice Psychosocial / Spiritual Care Award by the National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals. She authored Music of the Soul – Composing Life Out of Loss in Routledge’s internationally acclaimed Series in Death, Dying and Bereavement, with its series editor Robert A. Neimeyer. Core to her sense of excellence and artistry in whatever she undertakes, Joy’s first career was a classical pianist. You can experience more of her story into hospice and palliative care through the Preface of her book, or a recording/photo montage from her earlier performance of Debussy’s Reflections in the Water.