Today’s CoPs, CAHPS, & Caregiver Gaps

At a hospice visit, what gets done?

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What’s left undone?

  • Giving enough timely information?
  • Giving enough support for all involved?
  • Preparing the family for what’s ahead?
  • Check your Hospice Compare scores

Imagine, if you are the family, what do you wish your hospice team members have more time to do?

  • Help you understand what’s happening?
  • Help you know how to tend your family member?

What new needs will arise?

  • What resources are ready for the primary caregiver and family, for those many mini-moments between your visits and calls?
  • Will the primary caregiver and family recognize key changes in their family members condition?
  • Will they recognize changes in time to call you? In time for you to get there–to be there–while there’s still time?

For the Caregivers and Families You Serve

For Whomever the Person Calls “Family”
Your Patients’ Husbands, Wives, and Partners; Sons, Daughters, and Grandchildren;
Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces and Nephews; Blended Families; Close Friends; Anyone Providing Direct Care

View Sample Videos, ″Signs of Change″ (English and Spanish)


Reach and Teach (“Train”*) All Caregivers and Family Members 24/7

  • 10 videos, 3-5 minutes each
  • Written to the CAHPS Hospice content, without ever mentioning a survey
  • Branded to your organization
  • Teaching guides for your teams to use with caregivers/family members
    • These do not replace your team’s 1:1 teaching with the primary caregiver
    • These do provide consistent, relevant, 24/7, accessible, expert “training” (CMS’s word) for adult learners
  • Adult Learning Methods: Visual. Auditory. Tactile. Relevant. MicroLearning. Flipped Learning.
  • More …

*”Train” is the word used by CMS in the CAHPS Survey and Hospice Compare

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Bundle this with any or all of our 3 video libraries

  • Family Support Through Serious Illness
  • Hospice Training for Caregivers & Family Members
    • Optional Add-On Spanish Version
  • Want to Understand Your Grief?

Tend the caregiver/family’s needs by pairing Hospice Training with our Family Support Through Serious Illness library of 30 videos. These videos span needs through transitions of serious illness, palliative, and hospice care. Have our Grief library ready for use at any time.

For Your Professionals and Volunteers

Multiple Formats: Online, Asynchronous; On-Site or Webcam-Webinar; Conferences, Workshops, 1:1

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  • Online video training with auto-graded quiz questions, paired with all 10 “Hospice Training” videos
  • Prepares hospice team members to teach the CAHPS core content
    • Ensure baseline, interdisciplinary knowledge for patient care, all CAHPS topics
    • Improve team communications with patients and families
    • Ensure awareness of professional attitudes and responsibilities
  • Adult Learning: Why it matters. What team members need to know and do.
    • Access and ongoing review easily fits into their busy schedules
    • Visual. Auditory. Tactile. MicroLearning. Flipped Learning. Can be Group Learning.
    • Excellent for orienting all employees and volunteers involved in any kind of care or support
  • Peer reviewed by interdisciplinary hospice experts

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  • Engage Dr. Joy Berger for live, interactive teaching with your professionals, volunteers, leaders, and/or community
  • Conferences, workshops, webcam-webinars, 1:1
  • Specialities include any/all content in this library, communication, Emotional Intelligence, professional/personal self-care, grief care, technology and the “heart” of hospice, more …

Joy Berger, DMA, FT, BCC, MT-BC - Connect on LinkedIn

For Your Leaders

Improving Person Centered Care


Sample Topics

  • Hospice Compare: Your CAHPS & HIS Scores
  • The Patient’s Experience and Your Technology: Does It Help or Hurt?
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Empathy: What It Is. Is Not. Can Be.
  • Today’s Technology for Effective, Innovative Solutions

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More Sample Topics …

  • Oriented or Disoriented?
  • Coping With Change
  • Hospice Education: From Hire through Retire
  • Meaningful Rituals for special needs, events, orientation, team building, more
  • More …
  • Customized arrangements per needs, timeframe, structure
  • Relevant, time-limited or ongoing contract consult, coaching, or project
  • Webcam and/or on-site
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For Individuals Seeking Resources or Consult


Often, we can set up a customized solution for you, or refer you to a relevant resource