For Individuals

Grief: What’s Your Style?

Do you prefer to talk about it?

Some people want to talk about their loss and grief.
To express feelings and receive personal support.
This is called an “intuitive style”* of grieving.

For you, Composing Life provides 1:1 telehealth sessions with Dr. Joy Berger.

1:1 Support via Zoom or Facetime

Joy Berger, DMA, FT, BCC, MT-BC
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Easy, secure online scheduling and pay.

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Do you prefer privacy?

Some people prefer solitude and privacy.
To deal with their grief in solitude by doing something with it.
This is called an “instrumental style”* of grieving.

For you, we provide a secure Portal to extensive, personal learning.

Your Time. Your Place.
In Time. Through Time. Across Time.

Find just-right grief info and tools for your grief journey.
Education about grief. Reflective questions with absolute privacy and security.
Downloadable journals and more.

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* The terms “intuitive” and “instrumental” grief were identified by Kenneth Doka and Terry Martin. Grieving Beyond Gender: Understanding the Ways Men and Women Mourn, revised edition, published by Routledge.