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Explore Our Trilogy of Education and Support Video Libraries

We help you span the continuum of care from serious illness and palliative care through hospice and bereavement care.
For caregivers, families, friends, healthcare professionals and volunteers.

24/7. What they need. When they need it. Where they are.

Family Support Through Serious Illness – Video Library

  • Support for the family; how to cope with a family member’s serious illness
  • 30 videos, 4 minutes each
  • 24/7 access for the entire family, local and long distance
  • Serious illness, palliative and hospice care
  • View a sample: “Simple Words, Big Meanings: EAT”

Hospice Caregiving – Video Library

  • Tending the patient’s needs
  • 10 videos, 5 minutes each
  • For the primary hospice caregiver and family
  • Excellent for helping short Length of Stay family members understand changes that are occuring
  • Content correlates with the standardized CAHPS-Hospice Survey
  • Plus, companion module CAHPS-Hospice Training for Teams”

Want to Understand Your Grief? – Video Library

  • 10 videos + “Holiday Grief,” 8 min each
  • For bereaved caregivers, families, friends
  • Great way to say “thank you” and provide support to your donors
  • Excellent grief education for your employees and volunteers


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  • What they need. When they need it. Where they are.
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  • Written and produced by Joy Berger, DMA, FT, BCC, MT-BC.