Video Libraries

24/7 Video Training & Support – Across the Continuum of Care

Educate and support your patients’ caregivers and families.

Our 3 video libraries help you span the continuum of care from
serious illness and palliative care through hospice and bereavement care.

24/7. What they need. When they need it. Where they are.

Click here to view a sample from each video library.

Family Support Through Serious Illness – Video Library

Hospice Training for Caregivers & Families – Video Library

Want to Understand Your Grief? – Video Library

  • 10 videos + “Holiday Grief,” 8 min each
  • For bereaved caregivers, families, friends
  • Great way to say “thank you” and provide support to your donors
  • Blended education (live and online) for grief support groups and counselees
  • Excellent grief education for your employees and volunteers
  • Click here to view “Mourning and Morning?,” from this library.


  • 24/7. Mobile device ready.
  • Adult Learning: What they need. When they need it. Where they are.
  • Adult Learning: Visual. Auditory. Tactile.
  • Expert, evidence-based content, delivered in a warm, engaging style.
  • Blended your team’s 1:1 live teaching with these online education videos for the family’s many mini-teachable moments, between team visits.
  • Branded for your organization, with your contact information.
  • Written and produced by Joy Berger, DMA, FT, BCC, MT-BC.
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Improve Quality.

Increase Outreach.

Reduce Costs.