Music Therapy

Composing Life Out of Loss

Com = With
Comp = To companion, accompany
Compo = To arrange parts into a new whole
Sing = To voice, claim, proclaim your story
Life = It’s all about life!
Out of Loss = Composing Life, like a phoenix out of the ashes

Up close and personal with great social distancing!

Zoom Music Therapy Session With Dr. Berger

Have you experienced a big loss?  (Current, past, pending?)
Is this loss de-composing you, or are you composing life out of it? Or likely–both?

Do you seek a skillful “sounding board” to hear you? To help you gain insight and meaning into where you’ve been, where you are, and choices you have for ahead? For more personalized “composing life out of loss,” let’s meet virtually.  Forget the distance. Let’s use Zoom or whatever technology you prefer. Your space. We’ll use your piano, guitar, instrument, and voice.

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Group Zoom: Teaching, Consult, Support

Does your group want support, teaching, consult–especially through these COVID-19 crises? Joy’s long-time support and presenter on music as a catalyst through loss, grief, and healing. For now, we’ll use Zoom or your favorite technology. When travel and on site conferences reopen, consider Joy as a premier presenter for your group.

Ongoing: Is your group experiencing a loss, like a serious illness or death of a member? A community tragedy? A significant change? Contact Joy for support and guidance for you as a leader, or to help facilitate a live, virtual time with your group.

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