TeleHealth Tech



When Time Is Too Short and Distance Too Long

Use Today’s Tech to Connect

For Your Triage Office Staff &/or Grief Support and Counseling

TeleHealth / TeleCounseling Technology

  • We equip your triage office staff and/or grief counselors with HIPAA Compliant technology for video meetings with caregivers, family members, additional team members, and more
  • This does not replace the importance of in person visits
  • This does equip your staff with better options for more personalized connections, than just phone
  • This enables you to include additional family members for Plan of Care meetings, or timely information about care
    • Think, caregivers/family of patients in nursing facilities
    • Out of town family members
    • Adding in an additional team member for only a few minutes of the call
  • Options and opportunities are numerous, for assisting your patient care teams and grief support / counseling
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Connect More Personally When It Matters Most

Grief Counselors: Use our HIPAA compliant TeleCounseling Technology to simplify your schedules and connect across distance.

You can …

  • Provide timely, just-in-time Individual sessions or check-ins. (For non-reimbursed settings, who says a session has to be an hour?)
  • Facilitate a family meeting.
  • Lead a support group.
  • Increase evening and weekend availability.
  • Provide team meetings from multiple sites.
  • Connect with any combination of mobile devices, laptops, or regular phones.
  • Gather together with up to 25 different logins at one time.
  • Communicate locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • More.