Live Meetings: HIPAA Compliant Technology

Examine …

  • How many patients’ families do you serve?
  • Where do they live?
  • How many have limited transportation?
  • How do you sync schedules to meet at the same time and place?

Consider …

  • Do you serve families in rural areas?
  • In highly congested, urban areas?
  • Do any of your psychosocial/spiritual/counseling professionals multiple hats, as in being a hospice social worker or chaplain who’s torn between immediate patient care visits and scheduled bereavement visits?
  • What age ranges are your bereaved family members? Engage busy, younger generations with online support groups.
  • How much time and money can be cut, without compromising supportive care? With increasing access, availability, and satisfaction?

“Comp-companion” more people. Easier. Faster. More frequently.

Use our HIPAA compliant telehealth/counseling/support technology to simplify schedules and connect across distance.

You can …

  • Provide timely, just-in-time Individual sessions or check-ins. (For non-reimbursed settings, who says a session has to be an hour?)
  • Facilitate a family meeting.
  • Lead a support group.
  • Increase evening and weekend availability.
  • Provide team meetings from multiple sites.
  • Connect with any combination of mobile devices, laptops, or regular phones.
  • Gather together with up to 25 different logins at one time.
  • Communicate locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • More.

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